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High Five for Life is een non-profit onderdeel van BQ Solutions met als doel ondersteuning te geven aan hulporganisaties, wereldwijd.


High Five for Life zoekt creatieve oplossingen om deze organisaties te ondersteunen en te versterken.

Loosdrecht, October 5th 2016


RE: High Five For Life! Newspaper: Imagine EUR 10 billion per year



We have pleasure in presenting you the High Five For Life! Newspaper.


The items discussed in the newspaper are only an example of what High Five For Life could mean to the world. A simple plan based on the idea to increase fly tickets with € 5,-. This concept gives a continuous flow of funds of approximately EUR 10 billion per year. See it as a global fee for improving the conditions of the earth and her inhabitants. It is a global fee for the present and for the future.


We, just two dreamers, have neither the means, neither the network, neither the financial resources to get this lobby of the ground.


We are sending this newspaper to committed people who are able to build bridges for a better world.


If you welcome the idea of High Five For Life, perhaps you are one of the bridge builders or lobbyists, this concept needs.

Imagine EUR,- per year.





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